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On this page is a selection of documents that are both informative and useful.  The list will be expanded over time.  If you know of a particular document that would be useful to others, then please send details of it to

Get Your Own Back

Fed up with being bossed around by your council? Want to be mischievous and cause them some problems? Well you can, and it's perfectly legal. Download here...

Housing Benefit & Council Tax Benefit 2009

Subsidy arrangements for 2009/10.  Details of the administration subsidy distribution.   Issued by the DWP it shows that the total cost of subsidy is £528.3 million pounds which is a real terms 5% reduction on the previous year. Download here...

Magistrates Courts Fees 2009

Statutory Instrument amending court fees. Issued June 2009. Download here...

Liability Orders Fees

FOI request; The Magistrates Court fixed fee for an application for a Liability Order for Council Tax arrears is currently £3 and that fee is set by Statutory Instrument.  Nevertheless, councils are seeking costs orders from Magistrates Courts for Liability Orders substantially in excess of the £3 statutory fee.
FOI reply; The fee for a Liability Order is £3 which is what we charge.  The rest of the money is made up of reasonable costs as stated in the (Council Tax (Administration and Enforcement) Regs 1992).  All the Sussex local authorities set the same rate although some may have a different split between the Summonses and Liability Order costs.  We write to the Clerk of the Justices to get her ok before they are changed.  Please find enclosed a breakdown of the costs as applied by Mid Sussex District Council. Download here...

Control Shift Returning Power to Local Communities

Policy green paper by the Conservative party issued February 2009. Conservatives want to build a stronger, safer society where opportunity and power are spread much more widely and fairly.  We believe communities are strongest when everyone has a free and fair say in the decisions that affect them.  From local council services and planning decisions, to local policing priorities, people should have as much power and choice as possible.
This Green Paper outlines our new programme of political decentralisation to revitalise democracy and strengthen community life; a five-pillar strategy to shift power away from the central state and firmly back to local people. Download here...

Fairer, Simpler, Greener and Reducing the Burden

Latest policy papers by the Liberal Democrat party issued 2007.

Fairer, Simpler, Greener
We aim to reform the tax system to make it:
Fairer: progressive in relation to income and wealth
Simpler: for individuals and companies: fewer rates and reliefs, more transparent
Greener: taxing environmental pollution and resource depletion and giving bigger incentives to sustainability
More Local: greater freedom for democratic local government to raise (and spend) revenue
More Efficient: recognising the importance of incentives to work and save; and growing global competition
Download here...

Reducing the Burden
Liberal Democrats are committed to making the tax system:
Fairer - with tax cuts for those on lower incomes paid for by removing loopholes exploited by the rich.
Simpler and easier to understand - especially for pensioners and small businesses.
More decentralised – so that there is a clearer link between local services and local accountability.
Greener – giving incentives for responsible use of resources.
Download here...

Council Tax Benefit

Local council leaflet that gives details about eligibility and how to claim. Download here...

VOA Measuring Guide for Council Tax Purposes

The original VOA instructions that explain how a property should be measured for Council Tax purposes. This guide will be used by all inspectors when revaluation and rebanding is imposed on England. At present, this exercise is scheduled for the next term of Parliament, assuming that the present Government is returned to power. Download here...

The Cost of Councillors

Have you ever wondered how much your Councillors cost you? This analysis gives a good indication of the costs, but it is not exhaustive. All figures are from public records. Download here...

Legal Situation - Not Paying Council Tax

What is the legal situation, and what remedies are available? Download here...

Council Tax Summons

The taxpayer has rights too. Recommended reading for everyone who is due to attend court. Download here...

The Magistrates Court

Help and advice about attending court and what to expect. Download here...
The rules are changing and you may be prosecuted in the local County Court. Healey to crack down on 'council tax martyrdom'

Defending Yourself in Court

An example of a defence and the type of questons you should be asking.. Download here...


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