Inflation Indices

Comparing the key indices

The chart on this page has been compiled from Government figures and the industry standard Halifax House Prices Index. It shows the year on year increases in four key indices:

  1. AEI - Average Earnings Index
  2. CTI - Council Tax Index
  3. HPI - House Prices Index
  4. RPI - Retails Prices Index

The 2008 Budget Report estimates that for 2008 the amount of revenue raised by Council Tax will increase to £24.9bn, an increase of 5.1 per cent over the 2007 amount of £23.7bn. In 1993, the amount of revenue raised through Council Tax was just £8.9bn. Since its introduction, Council Tax has now increased by a whopping 180 per cent! At present rates, Council Tax will have trebled by 2010!
2010 is a significant year because that is when the Landfill Tax will start to bite and the LGA is already warning that this alone will add a further £70 on average to your Council Tax bill. To find out more about Landfill Tax, read our report.


Inflation Indices


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