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Supporters and followers of Isitfair receive a free newsletter approximately once a quarter during the year. The newsletter keeps people informed about the campaign and current activities. There is no subscription fee but we do appreciate any donations that help to cover the production and distribution costs.

From time to time, we may also issue an email to make people aware of important events that cannot wait for the next newsletter. We promise though not to 'spam' you with unwanted emails and do not pass email addresses to any other third party.

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Recent Newsletters

November 2013

  1. 'I'm passionate about ....'
  2. Council Tax Freezes
  3. Town and Parish Councils
  4. Letter to and reply from Eric Pickles

April 2013

  1. Council Tax Bands and Scams
  2. Town and Parish Council Tax Fiasco
  3. Widening the Gap
  4. 2013-14 Spending Power per Dwelling
  5. Local Government Pension Scheme

October 2012

  1. Council Tax Freeze 2013-14
  2. Town and Parish Councils
  3. Councillors' Allowances, Expenses & Pensions
  4. Local Government Salaries
  5. Council Tax Benefit/Support

July 2012

  1. Council Tax freeze 2012-13
  2. Redundancy, Early Retirement & Pension Strain Payments
  3. Councillors' Allowances & Perks
  4. Uncollected Council Tax

January 2012

  1. Strain Charges
  2. Redundancy Payments
  3. Councillors
  4. Be Aware

August 2011

  1. Redundancy Payments
  2. Credit Cards & Excessive Spending
  3. Referenda
  4. Council Executives' Salaries

August 2011 Lib Dems Local Gov't Funding

Liberal Democrats' discussion paper on local government funding.  They now advocate using Land Value Tax (LVT). Whatever happened to Local Income Tax (LIT) which they were advocating so strongly for and is a "mansion tax" fair?
Other topics covered are the localisation of council tax benefit (CTB) and countcil tax referenda.

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