Local Government Finance and Council Tax

Reports and Inquiries

There seems to be an endless supply of reports about Local Government Funding and Council Tax.  Many reports today still refer back to the Committee of Inquiry into Local Government Finance that was headed by Sir Frank Layfield.  This committee reported in 1976, the report recommendations were never implemented, yet in his final report in March 2007, Sir Michael Lyons stated that he reached similar conclusions himself.  Unfortunately for Sir Michael, his recommendations too were not implemented.  In 31 years we haven't really progressed very far, have we?

Isitfair Reports

Grey Hairs Ltd is an independent consultancy that works with Isitfair in researching various aspects of Local Government Finance and Council Tax.  These reports do not necessarily reflect Isitfair's own beliefs, but the purpose of having these is to get an impartial and balanced view on a range of subjects.  We recommend that you definitely read the 'Mending Local Democracy' report. Isitfair Reports

Local Government Finance

This is a collection of reports, plus some other related reports that cover the reviews of Local Government finance between 2003 - 2007.  During that period there were three reviews as follows:

  1. The Balance of Funding Review (April 2003 - July 2004)

  2. ODPM Select Committee Local Government Revenue Review (February 2004 - July 2004)

  3. The Lyons Inquiry (July 2004 - March 2007)

These reviews were useful as they fooled people into thinking that something was actually going to be done.  They also kept a lot of people employed, cost a vast amount of money, and achieved nothing.

Public Reports

This is a selection of various reports by different sources that relate to Council Tax and Local Government. Public Reports


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