www.isitfair.co.uk our Christmas Carol  

While savers watched their stocks in fright,
All beaten to the ground,
An angle for our Gordon Brown,
To claim he'd pull things round.

Cheered not are we for nigh no bread,
Has left us in a bind,
Mad musings that from Gordon spring,
Are not for what we've pined.

For us in every house we pay,
A tax that's like a fine,
An impost for our bed and board,
A penalty condign.

"So pay the council and you'll find,
A sense that when you've paid,
Of meanness in your housing Bands,
That justifies my raid."

Thus spake the PM and forthwith,
Appeared a whining throng,
Of people cursing Gord who thus,
Was now proved in the wrong.

And so we bleed for Gord, oh sigh!
For us he'll always fleece,
Hell take so much and leave us then,
Without a penny piece.


  Isitfair The Nationwide Campaign Calling For The Reform Of The Council Tax System.  Please visit www.isitfair.co.uk