So this Government thinks a 3% rise in council tax is OK. 

Three percent is unacceptable for anyone this year when many are receiving no rise in their income whatsoever. The rise in state pensions does not cover this amount and the low paid will struggle to pay any rise. I know that the immediate response from the Government will be 'council tax benefit is available to those in need' - but it is not. The threshold for pension credit has been raised to £10,000 and opens the gateway for thousands to receive benefits of all kinds. The threshold for council tax benefit has remained the same £16,000. Sir Michael Lyons in his inquiry, which has been almost ignored by Government, said that this ceiling should be raised to £50,000 and eventually disappear - and that income should be the only criterion for assessing entitlement to council tax benefit. The Government should insist that there be no rises this year on a tax that has been continually inflated by their own stealth. They should also ensure that Government grant is distributed fairly to help all councils in these straightened times. As all averages, they do not often tell the full story ? 4% sounds very good but many councils will receive much less and many councils will receive much more than that figure ? depending very much on where you live.

Remember the treasurer of our council?  He said that if he received the same grant as some councils, he would not have to levy any precept on the council tax payers of Hampshire.  How can that be fair?

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