Isitfair Council Tax Was this to be our election carrot?

Isitfair Council Tax Reform Campaign

Read the section Pensioners Rate Relief about half way down the page

Rate Relief SchemeThe new Rate Relief Scheme helps you if you are

A pensioner and you have savings of less than £50,000
getting Housing Benefit for only part of your rate bill; or
just outside the income limit for receiving Housing Benefit.
Applying for Housing Benefit and Rate Relief[/b]

I understand that rate relief is the equivalent of council tax.  The level of savings is £50,000 for rate relief - raised as per Sir Michaels suggestion in the Lyons Inquiry.

Why if this is the case has this been done in Northern Ireland?  Is it because the people created such a fuss about revaluation?  Did this Government think that Northern Ireland was far enough away from the mainland that we would miss it?

No such luck. Maybe, just maybe it is to be our election carrot.


Isitfair is an Independent Campaign Calling for the Reform of the Council Tax System Please visit

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