Council tax is already too high and unfair without being asked to pay more for a possible valuation office mistake.

Cyril Martin has been a member of the Isitfair campaign for some years.  He has appeared in court on several occasions for non payment of part of his council tax bill.  He thinks his house is in the wrong band and has fought long and hard for fourteen years to try to prove this. 

At last a BIG GUN has decided to take up his cause and last week Cyril received a visit from Oliver Letwin his MP and a Shadow Cabinet Minister.

Mr. Letwin decided that he would see for himself if Cyrils complaint has any foundation.  He came to the conclusion that it had.  "It was an open and shut case". The two houses opposite Cyril are just the same as his, but are banded one band lower.

Mr. Letwin has now become very involved in this issue and will be fighting Cyrils corner. He has written to the Chief Executive Officer of the Valuation Office.  He hopes that he will not receive a letter trying to explain why two identical houses can be treated so differently.

I will let you know of any developments.   Let's hope that the Valuation Office sees sense and puts his and his neighbours properties in the correct band. Preferably DOWNWARDS.