Isitfair what do you think?
MPs' expenses furore.  Why did they do it?  Because they could, and because there were plenty more doing the same. It was there, so such a pity not to take it. 

The system is wrong and the system should be blamed along with the MPs who agreed that system and then worked it.  And if they felt no guilt, if in their consciences they truly believed that what they were doing was right, why did so many of them fight so hard to avoid publicity?

I despair of them. How long did they think they could get away with it? Presumably to have got that far, to have been elected Members of Parliament, they must be in possession of a modicum of common sense and intelligence. Surely in the back of their minds there must have been the question, "Is this right?", closely followed by, "What happens if it isn't and I am found out?" Paying back bits and pieces of the monies wrongly claimed is not the answer, the damage has already been done, they are only fanning the flames.

Benefits cheats, quite rightly, end up in court and are punished. Are they really any different?

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