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21st September 2009




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The Isitfair Council Tax Reform Campaign asks “How can councils justify these gigantic salary rises?”  Answer: Because no one seriously challenges them and their extravagance.


 Many Local Government Chief Executives have recently been awarded unacceptable salary rises this year. How can any council justify an increase of as much as 45%?  Who authorises and who approves pay rises of this magnitude?  The tax payers have a right to know the answer to these questions.


There is little to choose between the reviled bankers, the cheating MPs, and the greedy chief executives employed by the councils and paid by the tax payer.  Taking pension contributions and NIC into consideration, the cost of employing a chief executive on £200,000 a year  is well over A QUARTER OF A MILLION POUNDS.


Restraint in public sector spending and public sector salaries must be a priority until this country is out of debt.


How can the foot soldiers in both the public and private sector be expected to accept a pay freeze when the management continues to receive these obscene increases? We should all be tightening our belts. All of us.


The council tax payer is already hard pressed to pay their bills and should not be asked to fund ANY increases at all this year.


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NOTES for Editors :-


Isitfair is a UK-wide, non party-political campaign for the reform of the existing property-value based system of Council Tax.


Isitfair wants a fairer system of taxation for local services that is related to everyone's ability to pay.


Isitfair represents people of all age groups (not only pensioners) who are unfairly affected by Council Tax.


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