Isitfair is a nationwide campaign calling for the reform of the council tax system.

We have recently received a copy of the Liberal Democrats' discussion paper on local government funding. 

Earlier Lib Dem policy papers have included land value tax and we have always maintained that LVT is not fair.  What worries me is the position of power now held by them and the possibility that, like the mansion tax, other aspects of this paper may be used as trading off tools.

I was always under the impression that the Liberal Democrats were very keen on fairness, perhaps I have been wrong all along, or maybe my version of fairness is out of kilter. 

I know that I have used this example before and I make no excuses for doing so again.  Why should council tax on a similar property across the country vary so much?  Why should the tax vary between Band B and Band H for a property of a similar size in a different part of the country? 

All the Isitfair campaign calls for is a fair and equable way of funding local government.  The present system is unfair and unaffordable and until any of these politicians demonstrate that they have at last grasped that 

(a)    one of the flaws in the current system is its failure to recognise that the value, and the consequent banding, of your property is dependent not on how grand or how simple it is, but on where in the country you live; that 

(b)    so-called "wealthy" areas are not entirely populated by "wealthy" people; and that 

(c)    the differences across the country in Formula Grant per head are so huge that there is no possible chance that the system can be fair, 

they should go back to the drawing board. Perhaps this is what the Lib Dems are trying to do, but we believe that Land Value Tax does nothing to correct the situation at point (a) above. And actually, neither does Mansion Tax which fails to recognise that a home designated a "mansion" in one area will be very different indeed from one designated a "mansion" in another. 

We all realise that local government must be funded but how it is done, must be fair for all